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Superchips 1999-2012 Mustang

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Product Description
Fits 1999-2010 V8 Mustangs and 2011-2012 V6 & V8 Mustangs.
Computer Programmer; Cortex; Performance Tuning; 87 To 93 Octane Rating; Tunes Automatic Transmission Shift Firmness and Shift Points; Without Speedometer Calibrator; With Top Speed Limiter Controls; With Rev Limiter Controls; Reads and Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes   


Cortex could only come from Superchips; the best selling brand in the business. It is the programmer your mother warned you about. It’s wicked and mean, and if you’re not ready for seat-cover-sucking power, then turn tail and run. Simply stated, Cortex from Superchips is the meanest street-legal programmer you can buy with an industry first 2 Year powertrain warranty. Cortex pumps up the performance by as much as 318 Pounds Feet of torque and 154 Horsepower at the rear wheels! In addition to brain-numbing power increases, Cortex lets you adjust transmission shifts, move the engine rev limiter and change the speedometer calibration. You can also view a ton of stats like how fast your vehicle is smoking down the 1/4 Mile after you’ve loaded the top-dog calibration.

Tuning Type: Performance
Octane Rating: 91 Octane
Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Yes
Clears Diagnostic Trouble Codes: Yes
Transmission Tuning: Tunes Automatic Transmissions Shift Firmness and Shift Points
Includes Rev Limiter Controls: Yes
Includes Speedometer Calibrator: No
Includes Top Speed Limiter: Yes  



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