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Vortech Ford Modular 4.6L

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Product Description

Supercharger Kit; Ford Modular 4.6L; Helical Gear Supercharger; Direct Port Injection; 10.5 PSI Max Boost; Satin; Includes Fuel Pump/Injectors/MAF/ECM Re-Programmer


Each Vortech supercharging system is designed, tested, and sold to be installed on vehicles in their original or otherwise stock form. We have a somewhat conservative approach to tuning, (this being the setting of boost levels, ignition timing, and fuel delivery), referred to as “Safe Boost.” We provide the best performance while maintaining a margin of safety that anticipates most driving conditions that the customer may encounter. We certainly could tune more aggressively to add a few extra Horsepower, however, we feel that customer satisfaction would suffer in the long run. Additionally, with Vortech’s compressor efficiency and charge cooler systems, comparable kit performance exceeds competitors’ on the edge systems.

Engine Compatibility: Ford Modular 4.6L
Charger Type: Helical Gear Supercharger
Fuel Delivery Application: Direct Port Injection
Max Boost Pressure: 10.5 Pounds Per Square Inch
Finish: Satin
Color: Silver
Material: Aluminum  


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