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Edelbrock Ford Modular 5.0L/4 Valve

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Product Description


Supercharger Kit; E-Force; Ford Modular 5.0L 4-Valve; Roots Style; Multi-Port Injection; Stock Length; Black; With Supercharger Manifold Assembly; Front Drive Bracket; Automatic Belt Tensioner; 110 Square Inch Intercooler; Full Face Low Temperature Heat Exchanger for Intercooler System


One of Ford's most legendary engines the 5.0L is back this supercharger system is exclusively designed by Edelbrock to provide instant, reliable and safe Horsepower for a stock Mustang 5.0L with low boost for minimum engine stress. It features minimum air restriction in and out of the supercharger, along with individual 15 Inch long intake runners that allow for maximum low end torque for great performance. Edelbrock superchargers provide the most power at the lowest amount of boost, resulting in performance that is safe to operate on a completely stock engine. This system will be available with a supplemental 5 Year 60000 Mile warranty to give you piece of mind when installing it on your new Mustang

Engine Compatibility: Ford Modular 5.0L/4 Valve
Charger Type: Positive Displacement Supercharger
Fuel Delivery Application: Multi-Port Injection
Pulley Style: Serpentine
Finish: Powder Coat
Color: Black  


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