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Ford Motorsport Ford Modular 5.4L

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Product Description

Supercharger Kit; 2007-2010 Mustang SVT; Twin Screw Supercharger; 17 PSI Of Boost; With 2.9L Twin Screw Whipple Supercharger/ Whipple 123 Millimeter MAF Housing And Zip Tube/ FRPP 2010 CJ 65 Millimeter Dual Throttle Body/ FRPP Upgraded Dual Fuel Pump Assembly/ Ford Racing Calibration Tool; Not For Sale On Pollution Control Vehicles


Engine Compatibility: Ford Modular 5.4L
Charger Type: Lysholm Screw
Fuel Delivery Application: Direct Port Injection
Max Boost Pressure: 17 Pounds Per Square Inch
Finish: Wrinkle
Color: Black  

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